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DLG is one of the fastest growing corporate houses with diversified business interests across the globe. Headquartered in India, DLG operates in the fields of Agriculture, Breeding & Farming, Research & Development and Hospitality.   Established in the year 2000 in USA aided by rich management experience and domain-specific expertise, we are poised to take the lead in the sectors we operate.

Our mission is to strengthen farms and communities through farmer-led research and information sharing.  DLG is all set to create appreciation for its stakeholders and employees.


Rooted in the farmers hub of southern India, Karnataka, DLG Farms Private Limited is a powerhouse of pig genetics and pork production.

Established in 2007, DLG Farms is a professionally managed pig production company offering a complete in-house breeding programme designed to create high quality stock.  Our advanced genetic and development programme has enabled us to create quality breeding and fattening animals.  We believe that applying our combination of skill full minds, leading edge systems, advanced genetics in a controlled environment, we have produced a standard of stock in this country.

DLG Farms Private Limited is the largest pig producer of India carrying out farm to fork activities.  Scientific pig breeding in par with international standards including bio security measures make us unique in India.

DLG Farms are the leading producer and supplier of superior quality Pork Meat and Meat Products in India. PAN India movement is managed from Coimbatore and Cochin offices. Our pork raw cuts and processed products are available in market in brand name RANCH, and are reaching to renowned chefs and eateries across India.   Our products are available in supermarkets and cold storages in Kerala, Maharashtra and Delhi.

DLG Farms is integrated with farmers across southern India, and being bound to sustainable development, the underlying three dimensions “economic development”, “social development” and “environmental protection” are considered in the practical implementation of Integrated Farming.

Environment & Nature

DLG is fully focused on “sustainable development.” As a dominant player, the Corporation recognises protection of environment as a core commitment of its business.As part of this commitment, all operating units and installations of DLG have a comprehensive Environment & Nature friendly systems in place.  The facilities are periodically reviewed and upgraded from time to time.


DLG’s conscience is about giving back to the communities that keep our business afloat, maybe even ones beyond our reach.  Having a social good culture let’s your employees know they are working for something that is bigger than themselves; their business is not one dimensional and more importantly, it cares about people.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • DLG Farms believes that a business has a responsibility to support and enhance the communities in which it operates. By purchasing supplies and services from local sources whenever possible, we contribute to the economy of our communities.
  • Through contributions of time and resources to universities, our company and our employees help provide the hands on farm experience to veterinary doctors to be from various universities.
  • DLG Scholarships
  • Environment & Nature


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